Sunday, January 4, 2015

WOW! Two days in a row.   Have to take some time off and regroup.

Had Shane and Aubrey over for experimental diner yesterday.  Combined three different stuffed pork chop recipes and came up with something edible but not remarkable.  Next time I will stay with something I have had more experience with.  Meatloaf.

Thought for taday:

“By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.”  Hebrews 13:15
Yesterday we talked about rejoicing in the day which God has made.  Today we look at expressing that joy.
The fruit of our lips is the giving of thanks to God.  If you know Jesus Christ as your savior and Lord, praise should spring from you automatically.  If the world has kept you quiet, now is the time to speak.  Breaking an old habit or making a new one takes only a little practice done consistently.  Here is the challenge for me, and for you who accept, for this New Year. 
“”Each day I will make a conscientious effort to mention the name of God or Jesus in every encounter I have with another person.  Realizing that at first I will probably only make it 1 in 10 but with practice my ratio will improve and one day it will come naturally for me.””
Without opening my mouth and giving God credit for my joy, the world will think I am just a happy nut.  We casually thank those who hold a door open for us or pick up something we drop or do some act of kindness toward us.  Why not speak out loud our thanks to God for what he does for us?  Let people hear God’s name used in praise.
As you go thru the day, count how many times you see or hear God’s name used in vain as a curse word or obscenity or “a malevolent appeal to a supernatural being for harm to come to somebody or something”. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be part of a change in the world that made the number of times you heard God’s name used in praise and thanksgiving more often than in blasphemous oaths?

Preaching to myself and having you as a sounding board.  

Watched one of my favorite movies this afternoon and reminded myself why I need to go have another adventure.

 If you have never watched "UP" I would suggest it as a family pic with something for every age.  Think I will start the Lord Of The Rings trilogy for this evening.