Thursday, August 13, 2015

For anyone who came to visit my Blog and found no one home I am happy to say that I found a campsite here in Saylorsburg, PA that actually has fully functional WiFi and am so excited that I plan to stay from now (13Aug) till Monday the 17th and do fix and mend on the Shadow (5th wheel) and bring the Blog more close to being up to date.

Thank you for your interest and patience.  Please come back and see what this road trip has blessed me with thus far.

I have seen some of the most beautiful of God's creation and spent time with beautiful people from my past as well as visiting my oldest son and his family.  

Truly I have been blessed in great abundance and the journey is just begun. Thank you for being interested and allowing me to share this adventure with you.

For those who know of my stroke May 2nd of this year, my left hand is gaining strength. While I sometimes walk as if inebriated, my recovery is progressing. This post is being typed with the left hand doing its share of keyboarding, which was not possible a week ago. Praise God for his continued blessings.