Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pohick Bay Regional Park, Lortan, VA for Sat., Sun. and Monday nights.  Convenient to DC., quiet and friendly.  Good base to operate from for weekend. 
Stopped to walk over Potomac.  Washington supposedly threw a silver dollar across this river.  I only had a half dollar and as you may have guessed, only made it to mid stream. . . . . .
Funny looking five sided building.
Nearing destination.
Been a long time.  Did not expect to feel much, but by the time I left I was crying again.  Even fifty years down the time line the images are clear and in reflection seem more intense,
This time in addition to Norman (young Corporal I escorted home to his family in New Bedford, MA in 1967) I was looking for my adopted little sister Brenda's brother Ronald.
With help from my daughter Susan on her computer in Florida I did.  It amazes me how we connect with someone we never met through a common shared experience as a Band of Brothers in combat.

Nearly 0800 hrs and time to find todays adventure.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Road Trip - and so it begins

Started as setting up with tailgate check and wound up as bye-bye.  Road check became road trip.  First night was near Jacksonville airport and I did not miss an arrival or departure all night.  That was Monday and already it is another Saturday.  I am at a delightful park just a few miles from DC.


Have stayed at little (as in small) state parks, old (I was only camper) and sterile sites.  None with working WiFi. 
This promises to be the best so far.  This evening will be transferring some pictures from iPhone and Samaung camera to computer.  I will add them to this post to bring up to date and try to be more interesting in future posts. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

For those who are visiting for the first time. Hello and welcome to my little corner of the world.

Lord willing, I will be starting on a long awaited road trip Monday.

The past few months have been rather eventful and if I can get my voice recognition working tomorrow I will go into greater detail.  I had a stroke in May and am still having difficulty with left hand which makes keying somewhat of a problem.

This is just to great new visitors and to invite you to check back next week when the road trip should be full on.