Thursday, March 25, 2010

Summer on the Hillsborough River

Test drive on the Hillsborough River
Got rid of the vest after the first day.

A lot of native company on the river.
This one about the same size as kayak.

He went up stream and I down.

Love the solitude and quiet.

Best time on the river was next trip where upset with damage to camera, phone and pride. Later that evening I spent three hours in dark with thunder and lightning. Awesome experience, especially alone.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My favorite car

Going through old pictures and found the second (most favorite) car I ever owned. I bought it as a present for myself in my senior year of HS. It is a 1951 Singer. They only exported a few to the USA with right hand drive. It was ten years old when I got it and only lasted a year till I blew it up.
Sure made picking up girls easier. It was much like the MG, only unique. 1100 cc engine and a top speed of about 60mph. So low that I could lean out the drivers side and put my cigarette out on the pavement.
So much for sentimental journey.....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Family star - yes, it is ours.

For some of you this is familiar. While in Viet Nam I claimed a star for Brenda and myself. I told her to look for Orions belt and then using what I called his sword (3stars) look above to the red star. That star would be ours and even though we were half a world apart we could look at it and be connected. That has always been our family star. Many years later I learned that it was Betelgeuse (pronounced Betel Juice) yeah same as the movie Tim Burton made. It is one of the most fascinating stars in the heavens and some way that has made it even more special.

So any night you feel down, look up find "our" star and know that you are not only special to God, but also to me.

Erie, PA.

Let your imagination run with the sound of geese overhead, the smell of dinner drifting across the lake inviting you home. Fresh Concord Grapes from your own vinyard. Venison, pheasant or a big roast of beef waiting on the table. Every day was Thanksgiving and every day we gave thanks.
In a few short weeks, winter comes quietlyi n the night, and you awake to a new world. Quiet, peacefull and anticipating Christmas. Maybe it is because of my growing up with caroling, visiting family and friends, and the preperation for Christmas was a season everyone embraced.

Erie, Pennsylvania was home for the first 19 years of my life. These pictures were not taken by me, however, they are typical of my idea of Eden. The memories of growning up on lake Erie, with places being different yet the "same" with every change of season.

October was always my favorite time of year. Bright colored leaves, crisp autum air and the rich harvest. You can not even buy Concord Grapes in Florida.

Followed by a winter that purified the land with each new snow fall. Waking to a world covered with a clean white blanket of fresh fallen snow. Trading the rustle of walking in fallen leaves for the crisp crunch of being the first to "step" foot in a winter wonderland.

Maybe I will winter on Lake Erie after all.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

answered prayer

My youngest daughter, Sara, called this morning complaining of chest pain and high blood pressure. She went to the emergency room on base and triage checked her with 175/140+ and a pulse to rapid to count.

After EKG and blood work, four hours resting brought back more acceptable numbers.

Continue to pray as she goes back Monday to primary for referral to Cardiologist and Pulmonary doctors.

God answers prayer.

While waiting to hear from Sara I found something that had been lost to me for two or three years. This is a "clickable" link.

beneath the video is a link "return to the final roll call"
be reminded of the cost in lives and wounded that our military men and women have paid and are paying even now.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

busy busy busy

Don't have some thing to say every day, don't say anything. However, when each day is so full that there is not time to say something here..........

God continues to bless in so many ways and I would like to share some of them with you. Tonight is not the night. I still have much to accomplish and Lord willing I will share with you tomorrow.

Suffice to say that I am a happy father and grandfather that has been able to spend sometime with my children, their wives (or husbands) and some of my grand children and have been counting my many blessings.

Work on the MH goes forward and I am looking forward more and more to "hitting the road".

Found a home for furniture and other items in storage shed where they will be welcome and put to good use. By the time I leave for real most all I own will be on six wheels. I am so looking forward to"dumping" so much baggage that has accumulated over the past sixty five years.

If you friend me on FB you will be able to see pictures of my wonderful family and follow my journey.

God is good, all the time. He has forgiven my sins, given me eternal life and on this earth, children that seek after His will in their lives. He has provided for all of my needs, from spiritual to physical.